Friday, February 5, 2010

All Night Long in Washington

I'm here in the Washington Dulles airport now, for my12 hour layover. It's 12:15 PM.
The only place open is Guava & Java, so I've been sitting here in a nice little area, right by a plasma tv that has been playing the same history channel documentary about the White House overrrr and overrr and overrr again. I'm beginning to memorize it.
I've been keeping company with a few people who have either missed their flights or disturbingly lost their place on their flight even though it was confirmed..
Anyways, so far so good.

Three or so hours later....

Oh my.
I was doing really well until 1:00 or so. Things died down and people started falling asleep.. But I'm a small girl by myself, so I can't let myself do that. Waking up to missing luggage is something I would not prefer...
So I just keep ordering coffee. Ah.
3 AM is a time of night I rarely see. I stay up this late probably only 4 or 5 times a year, and only when I have to. I love my bed around 11 :) Yesssss.
Coffee in the middle of the night does strange things. It speeds up my heart rate and my blood, but my mind and muscles are way out of sync.
Right now I don't feel adventurous in the least.
We were watching the movie Unaccompanied Minors right before we left.. It's about these kids who are flying to their dad's house, but get snowed in at the airport where they have a layover, and they go on all these wild adventures in the airport while being chased by security guards. I thought that might be what tonight would be like, but it hasn't. Sadly. (Just kidddinggg)
Six more hours.
After this, I think I would like a bed. Or somebody familiar. But actually I get to look forward to 17 hours on a plane! Yeah yeah! The weird thing about being as short as I am is that if I sit in a plane seat correctly, my legs stick straight out. I wish I actually fit in chairs correctly, so my rear wouldn't get so sore.
17 hours on a plane. 17 + 6 = I don't know.. 23.
23 hours till I arrive in Tanzania.
Then 8 hours on a bus to Dodoma = 31
31 more hours of transportation.
I've been gone 9 hrs so far = 40 hrs.
This is the longest journey.. I'll just try to take it bit by bit for now.

5 AM:
I don't really know when I'll be able to get on the internet again. I'm leaving the country in a few hours, yikes..
So here are some pictures of where I have been, for your viewing pleasure:
< That's my happy smile for ya. After I tried showering in a bathroom sink.

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  1. (josh) bathroom sink nice, i bet no one has ever tried that. you ar gona smell like a dog whin you get thare :-) Lol! jk

    See you later keep putting pictures up if you can ~josh~