Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Small Things

This is my last week in Dodoma. Not too much has gone on in the last couple days, so this post is just going to be about a few random bits and pieces.

 A lot of my time here is spent just doing life.. People here aren’t constantly racing time like we do at home. Rather they move along with time. They ask me what I find to be the biggest difference between Africans and Americans, and I usually say that people at home are often very stressed, very busy, and they want everything as quickly as possible. But here, people ALWAYS have time to stop and greet one another, find out how they are doing… quick to offer tea and conversation. People are used to things coming slowly, or not coming at all.  I think I’ve grown to appreciate it, especially because of how ruthlessly I have strangled myself with time and schedule over the past couple semesters. If you want to kill your spirit, I know well how to do it. I’m only now learning how to recover..
My Grandma Ellaine told me a few months ago that I’ll have years and years to be grown up, but only a short time to be young, so I need to relax and have more fun. I’d say that’s wise advice J I guess I’m a pretty self motivated person, but I’ve just been pushing too hard. It’s not worth it. (I’m talking about life at home, with work and school.. not here obviously lol.)

Something interesting about this church I’ve been working with… It was once a disco-slash-brothel, so I have been told. What is now their sanctuary was once a place people would come to dance, and what are now offices were once bedrooms where people could go after dancing to do certain OTHER activities… Yeah, I’m posting this blog from one of them. Lol.

A couple mornings a week, I have been teaching a class of about 30 preschoolers. It pretty much involves holding up pictures, and having the kids yell their numbers and letters while trying to keep them from throwing punches at each other. I don’t know how effective it is, but at least they are participating.
On Saturday we are going to spend the weekend in a town called Morogoro with a pastor who wants to start a ministry like this there. After that, I'm heading to Dar Es Salaam and on  to Addis Ababa!

I have heard a lot from people who are concerned about Victoria and I just want to say thank you for your prayers. She does have tuberculosis, but it's going to be ensured that she is on treatment and getting good nutrition, so hopefully there will be improvement.

I have a few more stories about kids, and hopefully I can get them up in the next couple of days :)

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