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Africa Journal: 2/6/10

February 6, 2010

I'm on my plane to Dar Es Salaam now. I feel intimidated.
It has a lot to do with the fact that I speak no Amharic or Swahili.
I also know that if I got lost and never had a way to contact home, I would be lost forever.
This world is so big. And I'm many thousands and thousands of miles away from anybody I know.
I'm a little worried about getting through the airport here in a few hours. I hope I do everything right..

These next couple of days might be very hard.
We're taking off now.

I don't know what my days in Dodoma will be filled with, but I hope to learn things there that I won't find anywhere else. I hope to learn what life is like there by experiencing it and become close to the people that I come to be around.
I want to be cautious but not fearful.

I'm coming to Africa with a completely different mindset than I had 2 years ago. THEN, I had romanticized Africa. Even obsessed over it. It was strong in my heart and I felt so empowered. I was coming to a world that had yet to exist to me outside of books.
NOW, I'm coming carrying a bit of apathy. Life has worn on me and chased away some of my passion and wonder. I've become distant to the suffering and the spirit of this land. And a bit helpless to it.
I want this trip to transform me, for I know the purpose that is in my life, and renew my spirit. I hope to have my heart broken, for often I find that is where it needs to be.

Right now I'm dirty. I haven't showered in 2 days, and I'm sweaty.
Jesus fill my heart with Your heart.
I'm closer to heaven than normal right now.


I'm now in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, sitting on a balcony in the sun! It's so HOT! (In February! That's a good thing!) That plane ride seemed like the highest flight I've ever been on. Too high. I didn't like it.

We landed by a jungle of palm trees. I could see the Indian Ocean through the window. So blue.

The airport wasn't too bad. I was met there by Leisha, Leah, and Pastor Amos, who is also called Bishop Askofu. I like them. I feel a bit better. We came straight to this hotel, and I got to shower! Now they're visiting someone and I'm here by myself. Interesting.

This seems to be a pretty nice city, as far as African cities go. VERY busy. The country is just very GREEN! Addis (Ethiopia) is brown. Here, LOTS of trees, especially palm trees. It's very noisy.
I can't decide whether I'm tired or now. I have no idea how long they will be gone.
We aren't going to Dodoma until Monday. Tomorrow we are staying here and going to Church. I am assuming that they can't travel on the Sabbath -- ?
Then on Monday, we'll leave on a bus around 10 AM and get there around 6 PM. So my first normal day won't be until Tuesday. I'm really excited for the bus ride. I'll get to see half of the country.

They said this will be a really busy week there in Dodoma, but normally there is a lot of down time. I'm glad I brought a lot of books.


Time for the first night.

Instead of windows they just have screens, so city life, cars, and pop music are in full swing while I try to sleep. I like Leisha, Leah, and Baba Askofu. At least now I'm not alone.

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